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Discover our handcrafted Angel Figurines, each one bringing serenity to your home. Currently available in one convenient size, these figurines blend the natural charm of high-quality wood with the pop of customizable epoxy colors that shine with a celestial glow. Every piece is unique, promising a personal touch of tranquility. Ideal for gifts or as a special addition to your space, they're more than decor; they're a symbol of peace, crafted just for you. Please note, due to their handmade nature, each angel may slightly differ, enhancing their unique appeal.

  • Handcrafted Elegance: Each angel figurine is individually crafted, ensuring a unique and personal touch to every piece.
  • Versatile Decor: Ideal for home decoration, these figurines serve as peaceful accents in any room or as thoughtful, personalized gifts.
  • Compact Charm: Each angel figurine is available in a petite ~6x5 inch size, ideal for intimate spaces.
  • Quality Materials: Made from a variety of woods, ranging from durable solid wood to flexible plywood, to suit different styles and preferences.
  • Customizable Colors: Choose your preferred color scheme by contacting the seller—tailor-made to fit your decor or gifting needs.

Handcrafted Epoxy-Infused Angel Figurines - Colorful Wooden Guardian Angels, Dec

  • These angel figurines are crafted using a combination of modern technology and artistic finishing techniques. Initially, we use a CNC machine to carve the figures from a solid piece of wood. The CNC machine follows a digitally-designed model that was hand drawn and then turned into a digital file. Precisely cuting and shaping the wood into the form of angels playing musical instruments. The resulting wooden figures are further refined by hand, if necessary, to smooth out any imperfections and to prepare them for the next step. The carved sections are then filled with epoxy resin, a material known for its durability and glossy finish. The epoxy can be tinted with various colors and sometimes includes effects like shimmer or translucence to enhance the visual appeal of the figurines. The fusion of CNC precision with the personal touch of hand-applied epoxy resin results in these unique and decorative items. Each figurine represents the intersection of craftsmanship and technology, a hallmark of the TopChoice Traders company, with the artist Alina contributing to the creative process behind these works.

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